Our Selection Criteria

Our Selection Criteria

The winners of The BrandLaureate Awards are selected based on a 300-point selection criteria consisting of brand strategy, brand culture, integrated brand communications, brand equity and brand performance. The areas covered are:

Brand Strategy/Identity (100 points)

Brand Culture (40 points)

Integrated Brand Communications (70 points)

Brand Equity (40 points)

Brand Performance/Profitability (50 points)

The nominations are processed by the selection committee and scored. Those who meet the minimum score go through a second round of selection and the final list is submitted to the Process Auditor for verification.

Only one winner will be selected from each category (see nomination form for Award categories) and where there are no deserving brands in any category, there will be no winners.


The BrandLaureate Awards (TBL) was conceptualized to honor brand excellence amongst the best of brands in Malaysia and the world. It is awarded to deserving brands from multinationals (MNCs), trans-national corporations (TNCs), large corporations (LCs), public-listed companies (PLCs) and government-linked companies (GLCs ) that have shown best practices in branding and met the stringent selection criteria of the APBF.

As the definition of laureate is one that is worthy of the greatest honor or distinction, winning The BrandLaureate Awards is a defining moment as it is a testimony of the brand’s success and an endorsement of being with the best and acknowledgement of the brand's value, strength and character.

The BrandLaureate Awards is the only Brand Awards endorsed by His Royal Highness Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. The BrandLaureate Awards categories include :

Corporate Branding
– recognizes corporations who have built a successful brand and strong brand identity.

Product Branding
– honors the best of products and services.

The BrandLaureate Heritage Brand Awards
– honors brands that have survived the test of time, maintained their distinction and quality, stayed relevant through innovative means and are iconic brands in their own right.

The BrandLaureate Hallmark Brand Awards
– is an exclusive Brand Award that is reserved for brands that have defined the industry standards and have set the benchmark for brand excellence.

The BrandLaureate Conglomerate Awards – recognizes organizations that have a collection of successful brands and that have contributed to Brand Malaysia’s equity.

The BrandLaureate Société Awards
– recognizes excellence in the fields of corporate social responsibility, promotion of green causes and philanthropy. These three fields have a great impact on the welfare of mankind and society at large, hence The BrandLaureate Société Awards promotes the spirit of nobility and altruism amongst organizations and individuals.

The BrandLaureate Country Branding Awards
– honors personalities, events or icons that have helped to promote and enhance Brand Malaysia.

The Brand Specialty Awards
– recognizes the best of brands that have a sound brand strategy, an effective brand communication blueprint that conveys the identity and position of the brand, innovation that enables the brand to meet the needs of the consumers and a strong brand culture that forms the foundation of the brand.

The BrandLaureate Masters Awards
– recognizes brands that are market leaders and have shown good leadership in their respective industries.

The BrandLaureate Brand of the Year Award

– honors the most outstanding brand that has shown exemplary brand performance and corporate responsibility.

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