Tun Dr. Mahathir Lecture Series

The BrandLaureate - Tun Dr. Mahathir Lecture Series features the best of thoughts and ideas from personalities who have been conferred The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame Awards and The BrandLaureate Brand Personality Awards. These personalities are visionaries, statesmen and captains of industries who have made a profound impact on the environment that we live in – political, economically and socially.

The Lecture Series is in line with the objectives of the APBF to educate and inform and to promote good branding practices in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific. Branding is no longer confined to business practices. The entire process of branding is also applicable to individuals as our values guide our actions and personalities while the knowledge that we have determines our future and longevity.

Brand Invest Why Not & Not Why?

Is your brand the key driver of growth and generating the best returns for you? ...
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Creativity And Innovation - The Way Forward In Branding

The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation organized The Tun Dr Mahathir ...
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Global Mind Sharing, The Japanese Experience

The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) organized The Tun Dr Mahathir – The BrandLaureate Lecture Series with the theme “Global Mind Sharing, The Japanese Experience”....
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Vision 2020 – Is it a mission possible?

Launched on 30 June 2009, The Tun Dr Mahathir – The BrandLaureate Series featured H.E. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed as the first keynote speaker. The keynote address was “Vision 2020 – Is it a mission possible? 1Malaysia, is it the driving force...
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“Branding The Spider Way “ by Dr KK Johan

The spider is an arachnid that is highly intelligent and survives in any challenging environment. They have the incredible strength, ability and agility to climb walls and ceilings....
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“Overcoming Your Fear, Climbing Your Way to the Top” by Alain Robert

Alain is a solo urban climber and he has conquered many of the world’s tallest buildings....
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