Selection Criterion

The winners are selected based on the following guidelines :

1)      Brand Strategy

A strong and effective brand strategy that allows the brand to rise above challenges and stay ahead of the curve to achieve its brand vision.

2)       Brand Culture

Deep core values and engaging brand culture which permeate through the external and internal brand, thus enhancing the foundation and sustainability of the brand.

3)       Brand Innovation

Innovative pursuits that have enabled it to stay relevant and meet the demanding needs and expectations of consumers.

4)       Brand Loyalty

The Brand’s commitment to its brand promise has created strong brand loyalty amongst its customers

5)       Brand Communication

A communication blueprint that covers various media platforms, enabling the brand to achieve strong brand visibility, brand awareness and engagement with consumers.

6)       Brand Leadership

The Brand has a healthy brand performance year on year and it continues to push the envelope and scale new horizons to build on its sustainability.

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